Graphology and Interpersonal Skills


Graphology and Interpersonal relationships

Relationship issues often arise because we do not have an objective appreciation of our partner's point of view even though we may be all too aware of the resultant behavior. A graphologist can pinpoint the underlying characteristics and motivations and thus help the couple to communicate and negotiate a way through their problems.

Areas of potential conflict or agreement can be identified, and complementary and opposing characteristics pinpointed. Graphology can help to rebuild relationships or explain the reasons for relationship failure. Even if only one partner is interested in receiving advice, analysis of both handwritings can help them understanding why the relationship problems arose. 

Perhaps you are in the early stages of a relationship and would like to know more about compatibility before becoming too involved? Perhaps you need help with fixing your relationship? Perhaps you have spent too long agonizing over the reason for a relationship failure? There are many scenarios in which the advice of a graphologist is beneficial.