Graphology and Change Therapy

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Graphotherapy is a branch of graphology or handwriting analysis which involves a re-education of a person’s writing to improve the handwriting itself and also to have a beneficial effect on the writer’s personality.

Graphotherapy involves repeating hand and writing exercises under the supervision of a graphologist. Daily application is necessary to achieve improvement in writing and personality.

Graphotherapy can remedy bad handwriting in children, improving children’s self-esteem and behavior.

Graphology and Genealogy

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Graphology a tool for Genealogy

Genealogy is growing in popularity. Many people feel the need to know more about their ancestry. Graphology can add tremendously to the information gathered from searching through historical records. Whilst genealogy can tell us the names of our ancestors and further research can tell us how they lived their lives, analysis of their writing can give us a true insight into their personalities and help us to understand them on an emotional level.

Graphology and Interpersonal Skills

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Relationship issues often arise because we do not have an objective appreciation of our partner’s point of view even though we may be all too aware of the resultant behavior. A graphologist can pinpoint the underlying characteristics and motivations and thus help the couple to communicate and negotiate a way through their problems.

50 Types of Common Cognitive Biases

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  1. Fundamental Attribution Error: We judge others on their personality or fundamental character, but we judge ourselves on the situation.
  2. Self-Serving Bias: Our failures are situational, but our successes are our responsibility.
  3. In-Group Favoritism: We favor people who are in our in-group as opposed to an out-group.
  4. Bandwagon Effect: Ideas, fads, and beliefs grow as more people adopt them.
  5. Groupthink: Due to a desire for conformity and harmony in the group, we make irration

What is Handwriting Analysis?

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Handwriting analysis helps you to see yourself as others see you.

What are advantages of handwriting analysis?

Strengths - Strange as it may seem, most people are not aware of their strengths. But we need to know our strengths so that we can take advantage of them and maximize them for greater success. Fortunately, strengths stand out in handwriting. The stronger the trait the more evident it will be in your handwriting.

History of Graphology

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Brief History of Graphology by Ruth Gardner

The science of graphology has for many years been a tool to increase awareness of an individual’s character or personality. Three thousand years ago, Nero stated that he had no trust for a certain individual because his handwriting showed him to be treacherous.