Graphology and Change Therapy

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Change Therapy - 3 C's of Cognitive Therapy - Catch Check Change

Graphotherapy is a branch of graphology or handwriting analysis which involves a re-education of a person’s writing to improve the handwriting itself and also to have a beneficial effect on the writer’s personality.

Graphotherapy involves repeating hand and writing exercises under the supervision of a graphologist. Daily application is necessary to achieve improvement in writing and personality.

Graphotherapy can remedy bad handwriting in children, improving children’s self-esteem and behavior.

Graphotherapy and handwriting analysis is an old practice which, as in many other fields, modern science is more fully validating. With MRI and PET brain scans, it is now possible to take pictures of the brain’s electrical and chemical activity and know, as never before, what activity is occurring in the brain and where. Research has shown that the brain is rather plastic and that one’s experiences actually change the brain’s chemistry and electrical activity. Scientists on a 2004 PBS broadcast reported that cabbies in London developed an enlarged area on the hippocampus structure of the brain, over a two year period of training, due to the experience of navigating the city by an intricate and complicated internal map. The medical profession says that if treatment and training begin immediately after a stroke, victims are often able to retrain the brain and completely recover physical function.

Frank Wilson in his book The Hand claims that the human mind works the way it does, with a consciousness different from that of animals, because of small muscle development in the hand which began when ancient man began using tools. Moreover, this specialisation in the mode of thinking continues with the experiences involved in the daily use of our hands. Making controlled hand movements is one of the experiences that shape the brain, whether it is hitting a keyboard, chopping and cutting food, swinging a hammer, working in a garden, or writing a note. Furthermore, those of the same profession, who use their hands in the same ways, tend to have similarities in their method of thinking (and in the ways they write.)

Your handwriting can help to change a personality trait or correct a bad habit. When you change a specific letter in your handwriting it helps to alter a corresponding personality trait. This is called Graphotherapy ; the science of reprogramming your subconscious mind. Graphotherapy can make either a small adjustment to a person’s life or it may change it very significantly. It involves an in-depth analysis of the handwriting and the person.

Graphotherapy is nothing but reprogramming the mind. Graphotherapy is a powerful mode of self change, elevation and excellence through self discovery. Graphotherapy sends strong and powerful messages to your unconscious mind, empowers your emotional self and enthuses you to act purposefully in the pursuit of excellence.

Graphotherapy has very little to do with your writing and lots to do with the mind. Mere changes in the handwriting doesn’t make a difference, change in one’s attitude is required.

As far as handwriting goes a change in the

  • Lower zone needs 2 months
  • Middle zone needs 4 months
  • Upper zone needs 6 months (min)

The aim of graphotherapy is to take the better-known subject of graphology past the critique of someone’s personality through their handwriting into the realm of a therapy where we can promote change through an understanding of, and changes in, our own handwriting. How we write is intimately connected to our life and beliefs and every stroke we make reinforces our beliefs about ourselves and the world around us.

Every stroke reinforces who you are and what you feel yourself to be and if you put your energy into changing your handwriting to change a particular aspect of your life that is what will happen. It’s the same as anything - what you put your energy and intent into becomes real for you. So if you put your energy and intent into healing through reflexology or positive affirmation or wearing your favorite red socks then that will be what you experience. Handwriting happens to work for me and once again whilst I intend to give you some ideas to consider there are no absolutes. There are no definitive ways to write an x, y or a z - it all depends on what you believe to be true.