Graphology and Health

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Graphology and Health

Can your handwriting provide an insight to the state of your health? Well, yes, it can. Many nervous disorders show up in shaky handwriting and stress and tension often are reflected in heavy pen marks. Graphology or handwriting analysis can be a very useful tool for spotting health problems before they become too severe, and, is also an excellent way of identifying the level of stress an individual may be experiencing.

Researchers at the Institute of Health Studies, University of Plymouth in the UK examined the use of graphology in a health setting and found it offered valuable insights into people’s characters and levels of health.

This interesting method of health assessment looked at vitality, energy, willpower and originality.

It was also able to recognize other specific deficiencies, such as physical weakness, poor memory, anxiety, stress, depression and lack of confidence.

With growing evidence to suggest that graphology can help therapists identify hidden problems, it also offers an accurate assessment of a person’s response to treatment. All the collective clues in the writing are used to represent the complexities of the writer’s character, health and emotional status. Interpreting this information, is like having the pieces of a puzzle which can be combined and used to provide the most incisive therapy for the individual.

Source: Graphology.Brewer JF Complement Ther Nurs Midwifery, 5:6-14, 1999 Feb

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