Graphology as Employment Tool

Submitted by Management on Sun, 04/23/2023 - 23:01
Graphology as Employment Tool

Employment screening (recruitment )

Graphology plays a major role in the recruitment procedure. This procedure can be completed without meeting the candidate personally, which in turn would save the interviewer’s time.

Recruiting new employees for a growing industry is a very important task as every company looks out for not just the professionally competent candidate but also a worker who fits in and amalgamates in the culture and vision of the company. Emotional quotient and ability to work in teams, or lead from the front, or work in a solitary environment are various pre-requisites depending on the nature of the position.

As explained in great detail, honesty, and integrity of character that an employer would prefer in maybe a slightly less competent person than a talented cheat. White-collar crime and crime by employees is one of the major threats that recruiters today face and stand as the risk of loss; both financial and social.