Handwriting Sample

Get Handwriting Analysis Sample.

This document helps you get a good handwriting sample. A good handwriting sample becomes the foundation on which good handwriting analysis is possible.

Provide Simple Instructions

  • Sit comfortably, preferably in a well-lit and peaceful place also write on a smooth tabletop and you may place extra papers beneath the sample sheet so that nothing distorts handwriting writing from underneath.
  • Write anything, about yourself, your dreams, your aspirations, etc.
  • Write at least one and a half pages and then a few more lines in your native language. [Tip] If English is not the first language or mother tongue. The person thinks in a different (native) language.
  • Avoid identifiable information (name, email, phone, postal address, workplace, etc, not even a signature) in the handwriting sample. [Tip]  To maintain confidentiality, as other people will study the piece.

Standard Operating Procedure

  • Ask the person to write on 2 plain (un-ruled) A4 size papers.
  • Insist on getting one-and-a-half page writing. Only then (formation) repetition is seen. This also makes it difficult to fake handwriting.
  • Just as people love to talk about themselves, so also they will love to write all about themselves, their aspirations, dreams, and anything generally about themselves.
  • Let them use the writing device of their own choice. A ball pen is great unless the user has other personal preferences.
  • Do not (change) write, fold or mark (underline, point, circle, etc) anything on the handwriting sample page. Do not punch holes in the sample and store it in a clear plastic folder.
  • Use one more (third) sheet of paper to collect personal information like name, age (DOB DD/MM/YYYY format), contact number/s, email id, postal address, your relationship, also you may include other things like education qualifications, work experience, special achievements, relationship status, etc.
  • Scan the handwriting sample asap with about 200-300 DPI (dot per inch) resolution and keep the scanned document file under 2MB. The format to save the digital file will be png or jpg. Do not store in pdf or gif formats.

Do and Don'ts

  • Buy a pack of 70 GSM plain A4 size paper and provide paper, that way you have control over the paper quality, paper size, etc.
  • Their personal writing device choice is seen in handwriting like thick or thin, pastocity, choice of pen color, etc.
  • Find out if the writer has more than one handwriting and if so, repeat the above process for another different style of writing.